We made several new mixes of MK Machine, sort of tough to get it absolutely right, but I think the new mixes have much more bite, danger, louder guitars, whatever. We need to do two more songs, so The Doctor is currently fiddling with the smooth bass track of a song I think I will call Mantra. It has a groove silghtly reminiscent of WCPAEBs Smell Of Incense, quiet/loud dynamics and a chorus that goes: “I cant stop and I can never get enough…”

When this is done, we will finish the only other remaining track, an uptempo garagerocker called Breaking The Spell. I have a feeling only one of these will make it on the final tracklist due to the time limit. I always try to make albums as close to 38 minutes as possible, which is really the ultimate length of a vinyl album to me, 19 minutes pr side.

Later tonight, we will have a little listening party for the band and a few friends, maybe we can play around with the running order a bit and choose between the mixes, while having a few beers.

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