I’m now seated in the back of the controlroom at STC studios in Copenhagen, in the company of my technical friends Dr. Hansen and Moody. We’ve decided to start with a track that probably wont make it on the album as a testmix to guide us in the right general direction. It’s a cover of a song that has an interesting story in itself. The Pretty Things released it under the title LSD in 1965, but our version builds more on a later version with totally different lyrics and altered title done by a US band called The Beaver Patrol. Strangely this song has been recorded by numerous other US bands (Giant Crab, Rain, Big Brother) in the same time period, often with totally different lyrics. I guess it’s a classic case of everybody in the business stealing from everybody else and taking credit for it.

We have 11 songs total, so we are aiming for 3 mixes pr day.



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