Down To The Bottom

Amazingly, the mix we did of Honalee last night is almost there, we just need to adjust a few levels. We ended up with a pretty simple and airy mix – using acoustic guitar, hammond organ, bass and mellotron flutes mostly, but spiced with wind chimes, ebow guitar and rainstick effects. The huge wall of guitar noise is still there, but very much in the background, only adding a bit of atmosphere.

We have also tried out a quick third mix that has more of a floating feeling, noisier and more spacey,  without the acoustic guitar. I’m listening to it on headphones right now. It might become difficult to choose between the last two mixes. Very happy how this song turned out.

Every album needs a ballad, but those types of songs become old very quickly.It seems there’s always a very fine line between a heartfelt, deeply personal and emotional expression and plain corny self-indulgence. I think this one, while very melancholic and moody, keeps the balance because of the spacey and (very Dragontears) psychedelic elements.

Now I’m just looking forward to some straight three chord BUBBLEGUM garagerock.


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