Love Like A Flower

Our mix of Dandelion from yesterday turned out great, but we still need to make a few corrections to Waiting For The War. It’s what sometimes happens when you work too long on the same track – it becomes a bit bland and too nice sounding. I really want this particular track to sound dangerous and edgy and somehow it just became too boring. We’re gonna try and distort the vocals a bit more and push up the phaser heavy guitars.

There’a a middle section where we had the idea to record a siren sound and we tried to get the job done in different ways – first with a simple WW2 sound effect sample, then an audio generator, a theremin and even a vintage police megaphone, but none of them seemed to work, so finally I simply played it on the guitar the way I imagined it, with a bit of delay and fuzz. Another interesting sound on this song is four tracks of me beating on different scraps of metal with a metal stick!

Late last night after we called it quits, I also had the chance to listen back to all of the different mixes and think about the song sequence. I’m still in doubt I must admit – should we start with the few short songs and then leave the long ones to later on the tracklist? Should we try to mix the poppier moments with some of the spacier stuff or separate it a bit? 6 of the shorter songs on side one and 3 long ones on side two?

I wonder if my own excitement over this music gets me carried away too much and maybe distorts people’s perception of it as I’m blogging? I’d like to think of this album as my spacerock album and I’d really like it to be perceived as such, but the truth is somewhere in between, because there are actually many different moods and also a few poppy moments. The question is whether Waiting For The War should sound like one of those or be in a category with the more spacy tracks?

It seems we have solved the WFTW problem just now, by opening up the drums a bit in the top and turning up the guitars in the chorus. It sure made it sound more full. Perhaps the murky groove made us afraid of treble? Or just four tired ears trying too hard? I’m glad it’s over. Next up is Love Like A Flower, a song that we tried mixing at an earlier stage, but I feel could also be better. I guess that’s what I’ll be listening to the rest of the day.


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