We managed to do a GREAT mix of LLAF, so much better that when we compared the two, there was no doubt at all. It sounds much broader and dreamier, with loud tambourine and sitar in front of drums soaked in reverb. We also cut it down a bit, so the track ends at 4:33, shortening the freakout outro considerably.

Next we’re gonna get as far as we can into HONALEE. This track will probably be the mix that takes the longest time as it sounds so completely different to everything else on the album. We started out going for a quiet acoustic vibe, but soon layered it with huge ambient guitars – going for a Neil Young Le Noise kind of sound. After that it got a bit out of hand with mellotron, wind chimes, ebow, rainstick and echo effects,  so we probably need to weed out a little in the tracks.

We have only one final mixing day left, but we’re well ahead of time, as we will definitely finish HONALEE and do the two outtakes, BUBBLEGUM and LIGHT UP YOUR MIND tomorrow. These are both quite simple and should get a wild garage type sound. I’m looking forward to that already.


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