After a 30 minute bike ride through a very rainy Copenhagen, I’ve basically stripped to my boxers and socks to match today’s studio dresscode, approved of the mix we did last night of Third Eye Surgery and moved on to Dandelion.  As I’ve mentioned earlier this is a duet with Emma Acs and one of the albums poppier moments, even though the song does not have a chorus as such. The riff for this song came from a mexican nun LP (yes, mexican nuns playing inept garage beat music with religious lyrics) but has a lot of melodic themes on top, played on various instruments. One even has a slight resemblance with a famous Kim Larsen song.

The lyric has a childish and playful fantasy game theme, with a deeper sexual meaning underneath it, sort of inspired by american sixties bubblegum music. We have been discussing the possibility that we might record a few other things for it if needed. Mellotron instead of Farfisa to make it cleaner sounding or a glockenspiel instead of acoustic 12 string. We’ll see. Right now, Anders is levelling the drums and finding the right sound for the basic guitars.

We also hope to make mixes of Waiting For The War today and maybe even start up Love Like A Flower for completion tomorrow. It’s always a good idea to save the last mix, so you can make small changes with fresh ears the day after. Mixing all day, every day makes you a bit unfocused, so fuck ups can sometimes happen late in a mixing session. Sometimes though, you find the mix is perfect, like today with yesterdays mix. I’m thinking, both of these songs might also need a few minor things recorded during mixing, smaller guitar solo parts and little tweaks.

Oh, btw – I’ve copied all the lyrics for the new album in the Lyrics section of this blog more or less as they appear on the tracks, so you can get an idea of the general direction, check it out.


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