Bullshit Detector

I’m back in the comforting womb of Black Tornado today, still slightly hungover from the new years party two days ago. Ok, I’m not 35 anymore I guess. We are working on a song called BULLSHIT DETECTOR, a title that has been in my “future song titles to do” file for years. The song eventually simply wrote it self at the end of the basic track recording in september. It’s a heavy spacey blast featuring lots of fuzz, wah and echo on top of a hypnotic drum beat taken from Mitch Mitchell (Hey, Little Miss Lover). At the end of the last session we managed to mix 4 songs quite quickly, at least 2 of which sound finished to my ears. I hope we can finish 2 or 3 more today.

Next up according to the plan, is NOTHING IS REAL. This one ended up sounding very Beatles, partly because of some soft harmonic backing vocals ala Paperback Writer, stringy mellotron and poppy sitar courtesy of Vicky Singh.  We’re gonna try and do a shorter radio edit of it as well as an album mix, featuring the full 2 minute freakout outro. I’m very happy about the lyrics on this one:

I was born in a junk yard

And told culture is my friend

That money is my god

And the vultures my government

I was raised in a wasteland

Circled in by electric fence

My food grows out of a trash can

And turns plastic in the end

I grew up in a treadmill

At the bombshell factory

They tell me war is peace

And TV reality


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