Waiting For The War?

I’m almost ready to start recording the new album. I have a whole bunch of new songs with working titles such as Waiting For The War, Light Up Your Mind, The Harbinger, Love Like A Flower and It’s Just A Ride. Four days have been booked in  Black Tornado Studio starting next week.

I hope to finish most of the backing tracks and get an idea how much more work is needed. I also need to come up with a cool title. Been thinking about THE DEATH OF AQUARIUS or THE ESCHATON as the album is set for release in 2012. I’m starting to get a slight adrenaline rush anyway, looking forward to get some work done.

I have updated the SHOWS section with all of my planned Baby Woodrose gigs in the fall. Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Germany in that order. As you can see, it’s gonna be a hectic autumn for me, considering I have to finish an album during the same three months. We have also planned three gigs with reunited SPIDS NØGENHAT in Denmark. Our recent Roskilde Festival concert went down great, in spite of massive rain and lots of bad luck. It ended up with thousands of people chanting for hours after the show and many have called it this years festivals best show on internet chatboards. We are considering making a live album out of the recording of the show.

My favourite album at the moment is Ron Elliotts The Candlestickmaker. A very overlooked solo LP from the ex- Beau Brummel, released by Warner in 1971. It’s one of those weird albums where one song doesn’t really stick out, although the entire duration of it makes for very pleasant listening. It has a mystical feel I really dig.


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