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In the last week I’ve written two new songs that I think will end up on the next BW album. One is called THIRD EYE SURGERY and has an uptempo spacerock type riff and a really catchy chorus.

The other one I just finished minutes ago and is called NOTHING IS REAL, a laid back accoustic ballad with great angry lyrics: “I was born in a junk yard and was told culture is my friend, that money is my god and the vultures my government…”  I also did a few pages of free form brainstorming that I think will be a good back bone of words for the album and I think I’ve set the tone for the new set of lyrics, trying to create this weird distorted universe where the warped truth is just bubbling under the surface.

Tomorrow I’m gonna rehearse with BW for the first time this year, as we’re getting ready for a bit of touring in march, first up is three gigs in Spain. I’m really looking forward to that change of temperature at this point, as the danish winter has been tough this year, everytime you think it’s over, you wake up to another dose of snow, wind and cold rain. Also, our Spanish tours are always a pure pleasure, good food, good wine, good weed, good venues, good audiences. Later this month we also have five gigs in Germany, but more about that later.

My favourite album at the moment is Get On Our Swing by The Corporation from 1969. This american hippie band released one wellknown album on Capitol the year before, but after that they also had two more obscure and to a higher degree fuzz fueled releases on the smaller Wisconsin based label Age Of Aquarius. The strange thing is that even though they’re both quite rare, the prices havent yet gone up to the level of similar private press psych LP’s. They both seem to be in the 50-60 $ range. Maybe a reason for that is that record collectors will sometimes rely a bit too much on what the guides tell them about a certain album (both the Fuzz, Acid & Flowers and Acid Archives reviewers seem to think they suck, but I disagree) instead of just taking a chance and listen to it themselves. I think both of their albums are available for download on various blogs if you’re curious to hear it.


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