Cleaning up my own mess…

The last weeks I’ve been in a process of listening to and marking all the cdr’s in my archives. I threw away a lot of stuff that had no relevance (multiple copies of the same roughs and final album mixes etc) and uploaded the rest to my Bandcamp site. I don’t think people realize just how much of a mess a 15 year period of creative work can produce.

I plan on doing the same to my box of old 4 track cassettes in the near future and transfer them to digital form, one way or another. This will surely result in more rare and unreleased stuff being uploaded. Now I think holding on to all this music for any longer would seem a bit anal, but when I was just a bit younger I would get panic attacks over anybody hearing some of the more toe cringing moments that naturally occur in demos and sketches, but I might as well share it if other people can enjoy it – and there is some truely great stuff hiding in there, if you’re willing to put an effort in finding it.

We’ve also been playing the final Dragontears shows in Denmark this month, with just Roadburn Festival in April to go before we close down that project for good. It’s been fun and I think the three albums are great, but there’s a natural limit to the number of bands I can sustain. We’ll still play together with this line up occasionally, but as Spids Nøgenhat, performing some of the same material, but strictly in Danish language. Some time in the future, I’d like to do another album of Danish lyrics. Next up are some shows with Baby Woodrose in Germany and Spain. We’d better start rehearsing soon. The Mindblowing Seeds & Disconnected Flowers album is ready for release on April 26th and this is also kind of like closing a chapter, since those recordings are from way back in 1999, when the idea of Baby Woodrose first popped into my mind, 12 years ago!

I also need to start gathering new ideas for my next recording project, an upcoming Baby Woodrose album. I have some lying around on scraps of paper, in computer documents, recorded on my dictaphone or on 4 track cassette, song titles, bits of lyric, bits of guitar riffs and so on. Usually I invent some of it while I go along and I also go back to old demos, to find ideas worthy of re-writing. At the moment the only freshly finished songs I have that I find really interesting are The Eschaton, Pink Fur, Down To The Bottom and a song called Bubblegum, which has nothing whatsoever in common with the Kim Fowley song of the same title. I should probably sit down and do some more very soon, as recording is supposed to start this summer.

My favourite vinyl album these days is the last West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band effort, which was released under a different name as Markley: A Group on the Forward label. It’s really almost as good as the early stuff. This bands history is riddled with strange and controversial stories from the surviving band members (Bob Markley has dissapeared, presumed dead some time in the late 80’s) – mainly that Markley’s only influence on the band was ruining otherwise great material with his nonsensical and bizarre lyrics, but I tend to disagree. He might have been a total asshole for all I know, but what really makes these albums interesting is the weirdness factor, that people like me can relate to. “I’m the last electric man in the last electric band, we sing sad songs about what’s wrong all around us, she has a heartbeat and a seat on the next plane to the sun…”


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